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Lafourche Parish Government Launches New Website:

President Chaisson described his vision to unite Lafourche Parish Government his first year in office by unveiling a new logo which represented the first step to establishing a unified brand.  “Following an unprecedented year, we are excited to announce phase two of our rebranding efforts by unveiling our new website,” said President Chaisson.  “From the beginning, we knew creating a unified professional brand would be important in the upcoming marketing of our parish to outside businesses. Our new website offers users the experience of easy navigation while representing who we are with an unapologetically Cajun introduction,” said President Chaisson.

Residents will continue to see the brand transformation through new media content.  Core values of innovation, service, integrity, and transparency are the spirit of the brand.  Lafourche Parish Government’s mission is to help provide quality public service to residents which focuses on public safety, economic growth, quality neighborhoods as well as new and improved infrastructure.