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A Message From Head Start: Our vision is to provide the best quality child development program for all eligible children using the Head Start Model which enables families, children, and staff to be empowered by creating a caring, safe and healthy environment that encourages learning and wellness. Because every parent wants a quality early care and education experience for their child, Lafourche Parish Head Start took a bold step forward in a way that promotes kindergarten readiness and honors family choices.  We became members of the Early Childhood Network for Lafourche Parish.  This network brings child care, Head Start, and publicly-funded pre-kindergartens together to provide a set of core principles: unified enrollment and access for all at-risk children; comprehensive birth-to-five standards; and a basic standard of teacher effectiveness with equal access to professional development for all teachers. We thank you for choosing our program and entrusting your children to our care.  Lafourche Parish Head Start understands that children love to learn and we work diligently at encouraging children in their quest to gain knowledge and skills.  We provide a safe, nurturing, and secure learning environment.  You are your child’s first and best teacher and we really need you, working with us to positively influence your child’s learning and development.

Head Start application

The Lafourche Early Childhood Network provides parents with choices of quality child care and learning experiences for their children ages birth to 5 years old. Our Network is comprised of the Lafourche Parish Pre-K programs (Title 1, 8(g) and LA 4), Lafourche Parish Head Start and local Child Care Centers who receive public funding (CCAP). The application below provides a list of required documents for each program.


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Head Start is a Federal program for preschool children from low-income families. The Head Start program is operated by local non-profit organizations in almost every county in the country. Children who attend Head Start participate in a variety of educational activities. They also receive healthy meals and snacks, and enjoy playing indoors and outdoors in a safe setting.

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The parent handbook is a useful resource to assist you in gaining knowledge about our Head Start program. It is our hope that after we review the information with you, that you will go back and refer to it throughout the year to help with any questions about the program. Our goal is to provide families with resources needed to be fully integrated into our program. Feel free to ask questions. We appreciate your willingness to be the most important member of your child’s success team.