Emergency Preparedness
A Message From
Emergency Preparedness Director: Chris Boudreaux

In the time of emergency, the mission of the Lafourche Parish Government is:          

  • Plan and prepare practical response programs for the protection of life and property in the event of disasters.
  • Implement immediate effective action to direct, mobilize, coordinate, and determine utilization of local resources to support political subdivisions in the conduct of disaster operations to save lives, protect property, relieve human suffering, sustain survivors, and repair essential facilities.
  • Coordinate direct restoration and recovery operations in the disaster area.
  • Review each parish department’s plan and provide for an emergency operations capability that conforms in principle with this plan.
  • Coordinate all disaster services with the Emergency Preparedness Director, and direct restoration and recovery operations in the disaster area subject to government authority.
  • Provide to each parish department plans that conform to the guidelines and directions of the Lafourche Parish All-Hazard Emergency Operations Plan.