Inspect Lafourche FAQ’s


What is Substantial Damage?  If a home is located in a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA), also known as the “100-year floodplain”, and the home is damaged from any source (flooding or wind), the community must determine if that structure is substantially damaged. A building is substantially damaged when the cost of repairs is 50% or more of the structure’s “pre-damaged” market value.  For example, if the total cost to repair a home is $100,000 and the structure is valued at $200,000, the home is 50% damaged, making it substantially damaged.


How did my property get selected for this inspection?  All properties in Lafourche Parish that are located within a Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) are being contacted to have an inspection completed.


Why is Lafourche Parish moving forward with these inspections?  In addition to decreasing long term flood risk, communities are required to execute the Substantial Damage process to remain in compliance with the minimum NFIP requirements, which is required for Lafourche citizens to be able to continue to purchase flood insurance.

What happens if Lafourche Parish fails to enforce its local floodplain management ordinance? Failure to enforce these measures can jeopardize the community’s continued participation in the NFIP and ability to qualify for federal assistance following a disaster.


How can I schedule an inspection?  You can schedule an inspection by contacting the Inspect Lafourche Program at (866)866-1307.  They will work with your schedule ensuring an easy and seamless process.


Will the inspector call me prior to their arrival at my home? Yes. The inspector will typically call you 24 hours prior to your scheduled inspection to verify that you are still available to meet.


What can I expect during the inspection?   Prior to the inspection, the Inspector will ask the homeowner to sign a Right of Entry form.  Once done, the Inspector will enter the home and being the inspection. An inspection will be completed on the interior and exterior of the home.


How much time will the inspection take?  The entire inspection process will take less than 1 hour.


Do I need to be home for the inspection?  An adult owner or resident of the property will need to be present for the interior portion of the inspection.


How will the Homeowner receive the results of the inspection?  Lafourche Parish will contact the Homeowner with the result of the inspection and provide information for any next steps.

How do I determine the current elevation of my house? The elevation of your house is documented by a surveyor or other authorized person on an Elevation Certificate. Check with your local floodplain administrator to see if there is an elevation certificate on file for your house.


What happens if a residence is determined to be substantially damaged? Owners must then comply with their community’s floodplain management ordinance should they choose to rebuild. In some cases, a building may need to be elevated, retrofitted, or changed to comply with the ordinance and reduce future flood losses. Lafourche Parish is committed to assisting property owners in finding the best way to reduce their flood risk in the future.