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LADOTD Accepts Bids for LA 1 Highway Elevation Project

LA 1 represents commerce for the oil and gas industry, commercial and recreational fisherman, and tourism in Lafourche Parish.  A reliable source of transportation to the Gulf provides Port Fourchon, America's Energy Port, the access they need on a 24/7 basis.  "Today is the day that years of hard work by many local, state, and federal partners comes to fruition.  Seeing the last 8.75 miles of LA 1 being bid out is truly historic," said President Archie Chaisson.  The LA 1 Highway Elevation Project represents the "Gateway to the Gulf" which benefits all Lafourche residents, especially residents that drive to Port Fourchon every day for work.  "This step forward keeps our energy industry moving in the right direction," said President Chaisson.

Once this projects is completed, closing LA 1 due to high water will be a thing of the past.  Every time LA 1 closes, whether from a tropical system or even a high tide, significant dollars are lost in the form of revenue and wages that impact Lafourche businesses and residents.  "Our local economy will see brighter days ahead in 2022 as we embark on this project and others going forward," said President Chaisson.