Louisiana and Texas Join Forces to work on GOMESA Funding and Resuming Lease Sales

 This month, the National Association of Counties (NACo) held its annual business meeting in Washington, where Louisiana parishes and Texas counties united to pass two NACo resolutions to secure more funding from GOMESA and to resume offshore lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico.

Lafourche Parish President Archie Chaisson along with Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick and Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales sponsored a resolution aimed at increasing the Gulf State’s share of GOMESA revenue from 37.5% to 50% and removing the existing cap of $375 million. “These dollars are vital as we work to strengthen our coast and provide the flood protection we need to our communities,” said President Archie Chaisson.

The second resolution sponsored by the three officials urges President Biden to resume the lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico.  Several months ago, President Biden paused lease sales as he unveiled his new climate action plan. “Continued leasing in the Gulf is key to a low carbon future,” said Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick whose coastal county borders Louisiana. “No one does it better, cleaner, or more efficiently than we do in the Gulf’s US waters and that’s proven by lower emissions, lower carbon intensity, and a spill rate that is lower than any other producing region in the world.”

“Coastal counties deserve the same 50% federal royalty paid to onshore energy producing states,” said Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales. “Lease sales are critical in providing revenue not only to coastal counties but to the Gulf States and the nation to help fund infrastructure, and coastal restoration projects.” Gulf production funds conservation projects across the country through programs like the Land and Water Conservation Fund and the Great American Outdoors Act.

“This resolution, at the end of the day, is asking the President to follow the law.  Moreover, it is about putting our constituents back to work and making our country energy independent again,” said President Archie Chaisson.

Judges Branick and Canales were elected co-chairs of the Gulf Coast Counties and Parishes Caucus at the NACo conference.

Bridge Closure Notice - Galliano Pontoon Bridge

The Galliano Pontoon Bridge is closed to vehicular traffic due to a broken cable. The bridge is expected to reopen later today, once repaired.

School Uniform Voucher and Backpack Program

The Office of Community Action is now accepting applications for school uniform vouchers and backpacks for Lafourche Parish residents only. Applicants must qualify financially (guidelines pictured), bring in a picture ID and social security cards (for everyone in the household), proof of income (last 30 days of income/2-4 paycheck stubs), proof of residency (copy of utility bill in applicants name and/or proof of residency), a copy of the child/children’s last report card, or a letter from school verifying attendance of that school. Please contact the Lafourche Parish Office of Community Action at (985) 493-6904 to apply.

Now OPEN - Cote Blanche Bridge

Update: 7/14/21

The Cote Blanche Bridge is now OPEN.

Bridge Closure Notice:

The Cote Blanche Bridge will be closed to marine and vehicular traffic until further notice for repair. We appreciate your patience and will update this notice once the repairs are completed.

Office Closure - Independence Day Holiday

Office Closure Announcement:

Lafourche Parish Government offices will be closed on Monday, July 5th, 2021 in observance of Independence Day. #IndependenceDay #LetFreedomRing

Bridge Closure Notice - Galliano Pontoon Bridge

Effective immediately, the Galliano Pontoon Bridge will be closed to marine and vehicular traffic to replace a broken cable. We anticipate that the bridge will be back in service by 3:30 PM. Thank you for your patience as we work to complete the repair.

Lafourche Parish Lifting Facemask Requirements

Lafourche Parish Lifting Facemask Requirements

President Archie Chaisson announced that, with recent news of Governor John Bel Edwards’ lifting the mask mandate in Louisiana and returning authority to local businesses and governments, Lafourche Parish would no longer require masks to be worn in Parish-operated buildings.

“Now that vaccines are more easily available, I am lifting the facemask requirement, but I encourage everyone to continue to follow safe practices and social distancing.”

President Chaisson stated that businesses and other government agencies in the Parish could make their own decisions on mask requirements.

In line with the Governor’s announcement in his press conference, Lafourche Parish will opt out, and the mask mandate will end at midnight, April 27th, 2021.

Bridge Closure Notice - Cote Blanche Bridge

The Cote Blanche Bridge is closed to vehicular traffic until further notice. The bridge is closed due to mechanical failure with the motor that controls the aprons for the approaches to the bridge.

Lafourche Parish Government Launches New Website:

President Chaisson described his vision to unite Lafourche Parish Government his first year in office by unveiling a new logo which represented the first step to establishing a unified brand.  “Following an unprecedented year, we are excited to announce phase two of our rebranding efforts by unveiling our new website,” said President Chaisson.  “From the beginning, we knew creating a unified professional brand would be important in the upcoming marketing of our parish to outside businesses. Our new website offers users the experience of easy navigation while representing who we are with an unapologetically Cajun introduction,” said President Chaisson.

Residents will continue to see the brand transformation through new media content.  Core values of innovation, service, integrity, and transparency are the spirit of the brand.  Lafourche Parish Government’s mission is to help provide quality public service to residents which focuses on public safety, economic growth, quality neighborhoods as well as new and improved infrastructure.

Visit: www.lafourchegov.org