Lafourche Parish Re-entry

Lafourche Residents Can Return at Noon, Nightly Curfew Set for 7pm to 6am.

Lafourche Parish residents will be allowed to return home beginning at noon today (Tuesday, August 31). Checkpoints are set up, and you must show proof of residency such as your driver’s license. A nightly curfew is now in place from 7:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.  All alcohol sales are suspended until further notice.

Please know there is no clean water access from Raceland to the South Lafourche area. There is no power in the parish, and it will not be restored for some time. Nearly all communication is down, including cell phone service parish-wide. Your home may be severely damaged and uninhabitable. We do not have access to food at this time due to the amount of damage to stores, so please bring all supplies you need to self-sustain while you are here. Parish officials are working on phone services now to ensure emergency services can be contacted and dispatched.