Garbage and Trash Services

September 6th, 2021


Residents of Lafourche Parish

Garbage and Trash Services

Storm Debris Cleanup and Removal


Lafourche Parish Government and its contractors will soon begin the process of Storm Debris Cleanup and Removal in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.  To assist in these collection efforts, we ask that storm debris and regular garbage and trash be kept separate as much as possible.  To assist these contractors in the removal of debris, it is requested that you place all debris at street curbside away from fire hydrants, low hanging wires, water meters, etc...  Do not burn debris or trash as it can impact the air quality and create additional hazards. To further assist in these efforts, we ask that the storm debris be separated into different piles.  These piles are:


(1) Construction/Demolition material – carpet, drywall, furniture, lumber, mattresses, plumbing materials, shingles and tiles.  DO NOT PUT this material in regular garbage cans.

(2) Vegetative Debris -  tree debris, leaves, logs, plants.  DO NOT BAG this material, DO NOTPUT in regular garbage cans

(3) White Goods(household appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, a/c units, washers and dryers, microwave ovens, etc…)

(4)Electronics – computers, TV’s, stereos, radios, and other devices with an electric cord.

(5) Household Hazardous Waste – cleaning supplies, lawn chemicals, oils, oil based paints, pesticides, batteries, or other items that may be of a hazardous nature.  


Regular household garbage service currently transitioning to once per week pickup until further notice.

Continue to put garbage out on regular schedule, if service is not provided on first collection day of the week, it should be provided by end of second collection day of week. Regular household garbage should be collected at least once per week.


Try not to put debris in roadside ditches that may block drainage.  


Any resident who has storm debris is asked to place the debris curbside at this time as described above.  


We ask your patience and understanding in allowing our contractors the time that it will take to complete the lengthy process of cleaning up the entire parish.  Once per week garbage collection is only temporary and normal garbage service will resume as soon as possible.


Concerning insurance; if you have or will receive insurance proceeds for the removal or disposal of disaster generated debris, do not place on right-of-way for collection.  


The Parish will be responsible for Parish streets. The State of Louisiana, DOTD, will be responsible for all state highways and routes.


The parish and its contractors are not entering private property to collect debris at this time.  Debris collection will occur at or very near the public right of ways. Property owners will be responsible to make sure the debris is placed in the proper location for collection.  It is anticipated that a Private Property Debris Removal process will be initiated at a later date for properties that qualify for assistance.  Further announcements will be made as needed.


Your patience, understanding, and cooperation are greatly appreciated during this time.  While there is no need to call our office during this time as the Parish and DOTD are conducting a parish wide collection of all storm debris and regular garbage collection, if you feel that you must call you may contact us at 985-537-7603 or 1-800-794-3160.