Notice To Bidders
Bid Opening: 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, June 8, 2023
Start Date: May 24th, 2023
End Date: June 8th, 2023
Lockport Boat Launch Kayak Kiosk Lease


Lockport Boat Launch Kayak Kiosk Lease


By virtue of and in conformity with the provisions of L.R.S. 41:1211 through41:1222, sealed bids will be received up to 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, June 8, 2023, and publicly opened and read aloud at the office of the Lafourche Parish Government at 402 Green St., Thibodaux, Louisiana 70301,for leasing approximately five hundred (500) square feet of ground on the Lockport Boat Launch for the purpose of the installation, maintenance and operation of a Kayak Kiosk on the following described land lying and being situated in the Parish of Lafourche, Louisiana, to-wit:

A certain piece of property, located about 26 miles below the City of Thibodaux, on the right descending bank of Bayou Lafourche, in the Town of Lockport, Section 18, T-16-S, R-19-E, Lafourche Parish, Louisiana. Said Property being bounded by Canal Street on the South, La. Hwy. No. 1 on the West, the Company Canal on the North, and Bayou Lafourche on the East. All this property falls within the right-of-way of the Company Canal from Sta. #407 + 69.7 (ROW of La.1) to Sta. #428 + 24.9 (edge of Bayou Lafourche).

           The term of said lease shall not exceed five (5) years,and the annual rental shall be paid annually in advance.  The lease may be extended for additional five(5) years, in accordance with La. R.S.41:1217. In connection with thisprospective extension, an annual increase of the rental based on increases inthe Consumer Price Index or at some fixed percentage.

           The lease shall be subordinate to oil, gas, and mineralleases previously granted or to be granted; and the Lessor may withoutviolating the lease, authorize exploration by any method, including but notlimited to geophysical and geological explorations for formations orstructures, and prospecting and drilling for mining and producing minerals.

           Penalties may apply for early termination.

           All bids are to be addressed to Lafourche Parish Government, ATTN: Mitch Orgeron, 402 Green St., Thibodaux, LA 70301, marked “Lockport Boat Launch Kayak Kiosk” on the envelope.

ELECTRONIC BIDS for the lease of “Lockport Boat Launch Kayak Kiosk” will be received electronically by the Lafourche Government until 10:00 A.M. local time, on Thursday, June 8, 2023, at which time bids will be retrieved from the Central Auction House (CAH) website and read aloud at the Lafourche Parish Government Complex, 402 Green Street, Thibodaux, LA70301.  Only electronic bids submitted on will be accepted.

Bid documents are posted on . To view these, download, receive bid notices by e-mail, and submit the bid you must register with Central Auction House (CAH).  Vendors/Contractors must submit their bids electronically. For information about the electronic submittal process, contact Central Bidding at 1- 225-810-4814

Certified check, or an official check issued by a bank in favor of the Lafourche Parish Government for the amount of the annual rental for the first year shall accompany and be deposited with the contract (no checks other than types noted above are acceptable). The rental shall be forfeited to the Parish as liquidated damages if the successful bidder fails to enter into a written contract in accordance with his bid within ten (10) days after acceptance by the Governing Authority at its meeting on July 11, 2023. Bids must be for the entire property advertised.

           Successful bidders must maintain insurance as per Lafourche Parish Government Insurance Requirements (Ordinance No. 6011) at all times during the terms of this lease. Further, Lessee shall provide a Certificate of Insurance as evidence that such liability insurance is in force, along with the following endorsements:  Lessor as “Additional Insured” and a 30-day Notice of Cancellation.

           The Lafourche Parish Government does not warrant or provide ingress or egress to the leased premises.  No lease shall be assigned, subleased, or otherwise transferred by the original Lessee.

           All bidders must be eligible to contract with Lafourche Parish Government in accordance with the provisions of R.S. 42:1101, etseq.  Ineligible bidders will be disqualified and/or any lease entered into shall be null and void upon discovery of ineligibility.

           All improvements must comply with all laws whether municipal, state, or federal, where applicable.

           Further information regarding the above land, its location, etc. may be obtained from the office of the Lafourche Parish Government.

Lafourche Parish Government reserves the right to reject any or all bids for just cause.

Such actions shall be in accordance with Louisiana R.S. 38:2214 and State Bid Law.