Garbage Tax Reinstatement Information

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On the ballot:

"Sales Tax District No. 4 Proposition"


Know the Facts

What the Garbage Tax Reinstatement Means for Lafourche Parish...

In 1986, the voters of Lafourche Parish passed a one cent (one percent) sales tax to fund the parish-wide Solid Waste (Garbage) Management System. The system included take-all curbside residential garbage collection, commercial business waste disposal and curbside recycling services (the first of its kind in the state of Louisiana). The system set to deter illegal dumping and Parish dumpsites permanently closed. Forecasts predicted that the one cent sales tax would fund curbside garbage collection conceivably forever. However, the roll back of a portion in 1996, 3/10¢ (three tenths of one cent), cut funding short in the twentieth year. The passage of the one cent sales tax also supported the transport of garbage outside of Lafourche Parish to satisfy the outcry of the NIMBY (Not in My Back Yard) groups concerned with reaching the goal of zero landfills parish-wide.

Benefits to Lafourche Parish...

  • The Garbage Tax Reinstatement funds the existing and future garbage collection needs of Lafourche Parish residents. Residents won’t face changes to the levels of service they receive today to include: twice a week take-all garbage collection, bulky waste removal (ex. tree debris) and drop-off recycling.
  • The Garbage Tax Reinstatement funds existing and future garbage contract expenses. One –time funds and additional sources of revenue will continue to support projects throughout each District to improve drainage, flood protection, and to expand recreation rather than supplementing garbage collection. In addition, workforce cuts become unnecessary.
  • The Garbage Tax Reinstatement keeps Lafourche Parish beautiful by transporting garbage to out-of-parish dumpsites which deters environmental hazards. Lafourche Parish is a retirement community, not just for its beauty, but for the unique culture and natural resources we offer. Protecting our resources for future generations through responsible solid waste practices is paramount.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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  • When did this problem start?

  • Who is to blame for the garbage fund deficit?

  • What other options are there besides reinstating the 3/10¢ portion of the garbage tax?

  • Why can't you just negotiate a new contract?

  • How are you funding the garbage services now?

  • Why should taxpayers reinstate the 3/10¢ portion of the garbage tax?

  • Will taxes be increased again in the future when expenses continue to rise?

  • How is this not a new tax?