Lafourche Parish Water District No. 1 Board

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Mailing Address: P.O. Box 399
Lockport, LA 70374
Board Phone:
Board Fax:
Board Contact:
Board Email:
Dirk Barrios
Meeting Time/Location: Meets on 3rd Thursday of each month @ 6:00 PM @ Water District Office (5753 Highway 308, Lockport)
Governing Authority: Parish Board
Board Composition: 11 Members - Parish Wide:
3 - members from North;
4 - members from Central;
4 - members from South
Term Limit: Pleasure of the Council
Ordinance Information: Code of Ordinance
Section 34-309
State Act No. 343 or 1926

Cressionie, NolanAppointed per Resolution No. 11-107.Boards and Commissions
Dantin, JamesAppointed per Resolution No. 10-145.Boards and Commissions
Delatte, ManuelAppointed per Resolution No. 08-072.Boards and Commissions
Guidry, MorrisAppointed per Resolution No. 08-078.Boards and Commissions
Plaisance, EvanAppointed per Resolution No. 20-143. Boards and Commissions
Pontif, Jr., RobertAppointed per Resolution No. 08-079.Boards and Commissions
Roundtree, Eric Appointed per Resolution No. 08-072.Boards and Commissions
Switzer, Dennis Appointed per Resolution No. 18-275.Boards and Commissions
Toups, RaymondAppointed per Resolution No. 16-409.Boards and Commissions
Triche, SidneyAppointed per Resolution No. 08-078.Boards and Commissions
Uzee, Barry Appointed per Resolution No. 09-013.Boards and Commissions