Heroes' Monument Commission

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Mailing Address: 159 Coteau Lane
Thibodaux, LA 70301
Board Phone:
Board Fax:
Board Contact:
Board Email:
Thomas Tabor
Meeting Time/Location:
Governing Authority: Parish Board
Board Composition:

9 - Member Board:
Qualified voter residing outside of Ward 10
5 - Honorably Discharged Veterans
2 - shall have been employed as Commission Police Officer for five years
2 - shall have served as a Fireman for five years

Term Limit: 4 - Year Term
Ordinance Information: Code of Ordinances
Section 34-621--624

Barnes, AlexanderAppointed per Resolution 19-101. Term expires 5/13/2023Boards and Commissions
Bolton, BenjaminAppointed per Resolution 15-267. Term expires 8/10/2019.Boards and Commissions
Callais, LaurieAppointed per Resolution 18-277. Term expires 10/22/2020.Boards and Commissions
Knight, WillAppointed per Resolution 17-323. Term expires 9/25/2021.Boards and Commissions
Lucas, StephenAppointed per Resolution 13-370. Term expires 11/25/2017.Boards and Commissions
Tabor, RodneyAppointed per Resolution 09-398. Term expires 11/9/2014.Boards and Commissions
Tabor, ThomasAppointed per Resolution 19-308. Term expires 11/11/2023Boards and Commissions
Tardo, MichaelAppointed per Resolution 17-361. Term expires 11/13/2021.Boards and Commissions
Zeringue, BryanAppointed per Resolution 09-073. Term expires 3/9/2012.Boards and Commissions