Fire Protection District No. 4

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Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1132
Thibodaux, LA 70302
Board Phone:
Board Fax:
Board Contact:
Board Email:
Kerry Alley
Meeting Time/Location: Meets quarterly @ 7:00 PM @ Bowie Fire Station (800 Parish Road, Thibodaux)
Governing Authority: Parish Board
Board Composition: 5 Member Board:
Must be a resident of Ward 2 that reside outside the city limits of Thibodaux
Term Limit: 2-Year terms
Ordinance Information: Code of Ordinances
Section 34-111

Ayo, JoeAppointed per Resolution No. 19-098. Term expires 5/13/2021Boards and Commissions
Bourgeois, RichardAppointed per Resolution No. 20-042. Term expires 2/10/2022Boards and Commissions
Falcon, Perry Appointed per Resolution No. 20-123. Term expires 5/11/2022Boards and Commissions
LaRose II, BryantAppointed per Resolution No. 18-109. Term expires 4/20/2020.Boards and Commissions
Utley, RobertAppointed per Resolution No. 19-072. Term expires 4/08/2021Boards and Commissions