Parish Policies & Procedures

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Laws and Legislation

Lafourche Parish operates under a Home Rule Charter, which provides for separate legislative and executive branches independent of each other.

The Home Rule Charter was an option offered local governments when the State of Louisiana adopted its new constitution in 1974. It was included in the State Constitution at the insistence of local officials who felt the need to strengthen local governments throughout the state.

Prior to this, the Parish operated under the Policy Jury System. Under this system jurors were elected from Wards or Districts. They operated as both Legislators and Administrators, handling day-to-day operations of the Parish.

Home Rule Charter of the Parish of Lafourche, Louisiana (revised January 2017)

Code of Ordinances



Other Parish Policies and Procedures

Civil Service Policies 
Civil Service Policy
Civil Service Testing Rules & Procedures 


Finance & Purchasing Policies
Purchasing Procedures & Regulations
Travel Policy (2016-2017)


Homeland Security & Emergency Management
Emergency Operations / All Hazards Plan (revised May 2016)
Hazard Mitigation Plan (draft, 2015)
Parish Tier Reentry


Human Resources Policies
Administrative Policies & Procedures Manual
Head Start Personnel Policies
Unclassified Policies & Procedures


Risk Management Policies
Memo - Standard Operating Procedure for Injury on the Job