Des Allemands Breakwater Bulkhead

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Des Allemands Bulkhead


The Des Allemands Breakwater Bulkhead Project was submitted to the Louisiana
Office of Community Development – Disaster Recovery Unit as a project of the CDBG funding
“Hurricanes Gustav and Ike Parish-Implemented Recovery Program” and received approval of the
application in the amount of $3,665,136.00.  The project involves the reconstruction of the bulkhead along Bayou Des Allemands and shoring up the breakwater system along an existing levee.  The purpose of this project is to reduce the chance of flooding to residents living along Bayou Des Allemands.

This project consists of the construction of approximately 2000 linear feet of sheet pile bulkhead along the West bank of Bayou Des Allemands in Lafourche Parish.  The existing wooden bulkhead no longer provided adequate flood protection to those residents living along the bayou and the bulkhead needed to be replaced. 

During Hurricane Gustav the existing bulkhead system, weakened by years of abuse from natural storm forces, allowed water to weep through the bulkhead causing severe flooding to most of the homes along Bayou Des Allemands.  Inundation to the properties and homes in the Target Area also occurred as a result of the inadequate bulkhead culverts, which incapacitated the gravity drainage system for the properties in the area. Under normal conditions, these culverts facilitate drainage of the Target Area. During Hurricane Gustav, the culverts allowed back flow onto adjacent lands/properties resulting in a complete failure of the drainage system for the Target Area.

During Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, the existing levee system failed to function and resulted in the inundation of the surrounding properties. Similarly, the levee system failure threatened inundation of U. S. Hwy. 90, the major east/west evacuation and re-entry route for the south central region of the State.

The proposed project consists of:

  •  Demolition of the existing wooden bulkhead to accommodate the new tie back system.
  •  Installation of approximately 2,000 linear feet of new steel and vinyl sheet pile walls and associated tie back and dead man system.
  •  Installation of the sheet piles will result in the destruction of West Bayou Drive during construction. Accordingly, upon completion of the bulk head, all excavations will be backfilled from the dead man installation and West Bayou Drive will be reconstructed and overlaid with new asphalt.
  •  The levee located behind and in support of the existing bulkhead will be excavated in the areas where the tie-rods will come through to tie into the dead man. No extra fill will be required, since the spoil from the excavation during this phase of the project will be used to backfill.
  •  The project will also add 650 tons of stone rip rap to shore up the existing levee system where the bulkhead option is not feasible. Where the bulkhead will stop, the existing levee makes a ninety degree turn to the west. It is at this point that the placement of rip rap will stop.

Upon completion the improvements will be owned and maintained by the Lafourche Parish Government.

Des Allemands Breakwater Bulkhead

Updated on 05/19/2014 6:08 PM

Des Allemands Bulkhead Project, CDBG Hurricanes Gustav/Ike Parish-Implemented Recovery Program

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