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Coastal Use Permits (CUPs)

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Joint Permit Applications may also be downloaded here to be filled out and mailed to:

Department of Natural Resources

Office of Coastal Management

P.O. Box 44487

Baton Rouge, LA 70804-4487

Coastal Use Permits

Coastal Use Permits can be applied for and obtained from the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources. The Coastal Use Permit (CUP) process is part of the Louisiana Coastal Resources Program (LCRP), which is an effort among Louisiana citizens, as well as state, federal and local advisory and regulatory agencies to preserve, restore, and enhance Louisiana's valuable coastal resources. The purpose of the Coastal Use Permit process is to make certain that any activity affecting the Coastal Zone, such as a project that involves either dredging or filling, is performed in accordance with guidelines established in the LCRP. The guidelines are designed so that development in the Coastal Zone can be accomplished with the greatest benefit and the least amount of damage. We are, therefore, providing the following information concerning the steps involved in applying for a CUP. Submitting an application for a CUP does not imply that a CUP will be required; application is simply one step in following the Rules and Procedures for CUP's so that the Coastal Zone will be protected.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coastal Use Permits


    For all other questions, please contact the Lafourche Parish Coastal Zone Management office at (985) 537-7603 or e-mail