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CACFP (Child/Adult Care Food Program)

The Child/Adult Care Food Program was first established by Congress in 1968 to help ensure that children receive nutritious, well-balanced meals while in day care. The program was authorized under Section 17 of the National School Lunch Act which provides assistance to States in initiate and maintains nonprofit food service programs for children or adult participants in nonresidential institutions which provide care.

The intent of the program is to improve the health and eating habits of children. Children in participating homes receive nutritious meals which will help keep them healthy and growing. They are given the opportunity to learn to eat and enjoy a variety of nutritious foods.

What is the Child/Adult Care Food Program?
The Child/Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) provides reimbursement for nutritious meals and snacks served in a family day care home setting that meet pattern guidelines. CACFP is a Federal Program funded by the United States Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service, and administered in Louisiana by the Department of Education.

Program Goals

  • Ensure that well-balanced, nutritious meals are served to children and adults in care
  • Help participants learn to eat a wide variety of foods as part of a balanced diet
  • Provide reimbursement for meals served
  • Provide technical assistance and guidance on food service operation, program management and record keeping

Why is CACFP important?
Young children need good, nutritious foods to help them learn and develop normally. Receiving regular, well-balanced meals is as important in child care as it is at home. Along with motor and development skills, proper eating skills are developed early; children learn nutrition as they eat. Children can learn good, healthful eating habits when they are young. Nutrition education during meals, snacks or at play can serve to begin a lifestyle of healthy eating.

Participation Requirements

  • Provider must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Daycare must be located in a residential dwelling that is the provider's own private residence.
  • Must maintain a current Fire Marshall inspection for the home where the daycare operates.
  • Serve nutritionally balanced meals which meet USDA minimum daily requirements.
  • Keep a daily attendance record of enrolled children.
  • Maintain menu record and meal attendance as mandated by program regulations
  • Attend training sessions and workshops.


The CACFP reimburses you for meals served to the children enrolled in your day care program. There is no cost to belong to this program. It is federally funded program administered by the Louisiana State Department of Education.

For more information on our CACFP Program, click HERE to download the brochure or contact Stacy Savoy at (985) 537-7603 or toll free at 1-800-794-3160.

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CSBG (Community Service Block Grant)

Lafourche Parish Office of Community Action Emergency Services programs are designed to assist residents of Lafourche Parish by meeting their emergency needs through homeless prevention and community food and nutrition programs. All participants must have proper documentation and meet income guideline requirements.


Lafourche Parish Council Office of Community Action is dedicated to improving the lives of Lafourche Parish low-income families.  The agency is able to provide an array of services to help the families become economically stable with funding received from federal, state and local levels. According to the participant’s need the agency is allowed to pay a one-time payment for rent/mortgage, utility assistance, emergency lodging, food and medicine.   Households must meet income guidelines for this program.

The United States Department of Health and Human Services released the 2020 poverty guidelines. 

Income Guidelines.pdf



For more information on our Emergency Services Program, call Deyarn Gasery at (985) 537-7603 (toll free 1-800-794-3160).

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LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistant Program)

Program Goals
The primary goal of the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is to assist eligible households to meet the cost of home energy for heating and cooling. The second goal of the program is to conserve and reduce energy costs of these households through the Weatherization of dwelling units. The final goal is to provide for crisis intervention in instances of weather related and supply shortages emergencies.

Louisiana Housing Finance Agency is responsible for the administration of the LIHEAP program according to Federal and State Guidelines.

Eligible certifying households are determined by the Provider Agency that is under contract with Louisiana Housing Finance Agency, in this case, the Office of Community Action.

Number of Household Members Monthly Household Income Limit
1 $ 2,011
2 $ 2,630
3 $ 3,249
4 $ 3,868
5 $ 4,486
6 $ 5,105
7 $ 5,221
8 $ 5,337
9 $ 5,453
10 $ 5,569

Benefit Information & Eligibility
Documentation needed to determine the energy benefit to be received is based on the highest energy bill within the past (11) months and the current month of the application. Eligibility is based on the information from the client income and energy bills provided.

  • Applicants must be responsible for the household energy bill
  • Applicant must have an active heating/cooling utility account
  • Applicant may only receive one LIHEAP benefit each season
    • Heating: November 15 - March 15
    • Cooling: April 1 - September 30
    • Crisis: October 1 - September 30

Information Needed to Apply:

  • Recent Copies of your utility bills
  • Last four consecutive copies of check stubs for employed household members
  • Proof of unearned income (Social Security, Unemployment Insurance, Pension Funds, Disability, etc/)
  • Disconnect notice (if you receive a shut-off notice from your energy company)
  • Proof of present address (rent receipt, lease or deed, etc.)
  • Driver's license or picture ID of head of household and (his/her) Social Security card
  • Proof of total members living in your household and their Social Security cards
  • Additional information may be required to determine your eligibility for energy assistance

For further information on LIHEAP, contact Erica Adams at (985) 537-7603 (toll free 1-800-794-3160).

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OCA Offices and Outreach Branches

OCA Administrative Office (Mathews)

Contact: Deyarn Gasery
4876 Hwy 1
Mathews, Louisiana  70375
(985) 537-7603

North Lafourche Outreach Branch (Thibodaux)

Contact: Stephanie Washington
2535 Veterans Boulevard
Thibodaux, Louisiana  70301
(985) 446-6731

South Lafourche Outreach Branch (Cut Off-Galliano)

Contact: Nanette Lazard
16241 East Main Street - Suite 13 B
Cut Off, Louisiana  70345
(985) 632-3989


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USDA Commodities

The Lafourche Parish Office of Community Action provides Commodities through Second Harvest Food Bank out of New Orleans, Louisiana. The program is designed to assist residents of Lafourche Parish with all essential food items to provide healthy, balanced meals for their families.

Commodities distribution dates are scheduled whenever supplies are available from Second Harvest Food Bank. You can stay updated on the latest Commodities Distribution dates by consulting our online calendar.


For more information on program requirements or about Commodities distribution times and locations, click HERE to view our brochure or contact the Office of Community Action at (985) 537-7603 (toll free 1-800-794-3160).

Commodities Distribution Dates

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Summer Employment Program

The Lafourche Parish Council Office of Community Action Summer Employment Program will offer young adults ages 16-24 the opportunity to develop and sharpen the soft skills needed to land their first job during and after high school.

Community Action has formed partnerships with local agencies along with Lafourche Parish Government to provide this opportunity to low-income young individuals. This program is for highly committed young adults and has the following requirements and objectives:

  • Lafourche Resident
  • Ages 16 through 24
  • Meet household income guidelines (must qualify under income guidelines as posted for Community Service Block Grant (CSBG)
  • Pass Drug Screen
  • High level of participant commitment (28 hours per week)
  • Respectful, Responsible, and Reliable (supported with a letter of reference)
  • Anyone 16 years of age must have a work permit

“An Equal Opportunity Employer/Program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. TDD# 1-800-947-5244"

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