About Lafourche Parish Office of Community Action (OCA)

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"If I give a hungry man a fish,
I feed him for today.
If I teach a hungry man to fish,
I help him feed himself for life."


~ Community Action Motto

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      The Lafourche Parish Office of Community Action Agency was organized in 1977 as a public agency of Lafourche Parish Police Jury (now known as the Lafourche Parish Council). The agency was established pursuant to the provisions of the Federal Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 as amended, recognized and certified by the Federal Community Service Administration as a Community Action Agency, as defined under the guidelines of the Act.

      The Lafourche Parish Office of Community Action (OCA) has as its focus the elimination of the causes and conditions of poverty in Lafourche Parish. To serve its designated purpose, the agency establishes and operates projects which ease the conditions of poverty and implements strategies and actions which aid in eliminating poverty's root causes.


      Our Lafourche Parish Office of Community Action (OCA) mission is to enhance lives within the community by promoting education, preventing homelessness and hunger, and encouraging partnership involvement.

Community Action Promise

Community action changes people's lives,
embodies the spirit of hope,
improves communities,
and makes America a better place to live.
We care about the entire community,
and we are dedicated
to helping people help themselves
and each other.

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