A Message from the Executive Director:

Freddia Ruffin-RobersonWelcome to Lafourche Parish Office of Community Action (OCA) web   page. Since the 1970's, OCA has been committed to the promise of     helping people and changing lives. OCA focuses on families building   partnerships to help make a difference in the lives of families.

We are  dedicated to the mission of enhancing lives within the  community  by promoting education, preventing homelessness and  hunger, and encouraging partnership involvement.

In order to maintain our promise and fulfill our mission, we need to continue the effort to eliminate the causes and conditions of poverty.  

We will continue to empower individuals and families to live safely     with planning and promoting an effective, integrated, accessible system for the delivery of support and services.

Thank you for visiting our website; and we invite you to take the time  to browse through  our programs and services. If you have any questions, please call or email us.


Freddia Ruffin-Roberson/ Executive Director of the Office of Community Action 


 "If I Give A Hungry Man A Fish, I Feed Him For Today.
If I Teach A Hungry Man To Fish, I Help Him Feed Himself For Life."