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Summer Enrichment Curriculum


Hours of Operation:

Monday-Thursday (During School): 3:00PM-5:00PM

Monday-Thursday (No School/Summer): 10AM-3PM


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A Message From The Director:

Heather Benoit, M. Ed.


"The mission of the Beyond the Bell program is to shape the youth and community. At Beyond the Bell, we provide our youth members with a safe and enriching environment when they are dismissed from school. In communities today, 15.1 million children take care of themselves after the school day ends.  Majority of these children are raising themselves and do not have an active role model to help mold them into the responsible citizen they need to be to engage in their future communities. When I began developing Beyond the Bell in the fall of 2014, I aimed to establish an effective after school program that encouraged children to learn new skills and help enhance their lives academically and socially. My vision for the program is to help our youth member’s grow into responsible leaders and citizens of our community and to continue to develop social skills, improve academic performance, and help build strong supportive relationships with adults other than their parents. 


Our program motto states: “Learning should not end at the dismissal bell; it should be an ongoing process that has no end. Every minute in a day matters, for it presents an opportunity to learn something new! “As an educator, I am a firm believer with providing students with what they need developmentally. Our Beyond the Bell staff aims to fulfill our youth member’s needs by allowing them to explore and learn from their experiences.  Beyond the Bell allows our youth members to engage in free choice activities. Some of the activities offered are: recreational activities, engaging in educational games, art activities, and many more. We provide our children with numerous resources to allow them to have fun while learning and to meet their needs. The center is equipped with technological resources that our youth members are allowed to use daily, such as; kindles, computers, laptops, and access to a printer. I want our children to view the program as a place that they want to go. I want children to want to come and enjoy being there after school.  Other school related tasks are also implemented to engage the youth member’s in hands-on activities that can enhance a child’s love for learning. Each day we rejoice and embrace and we look forward to see what the future holds for our youth members enrolled in Beyond the Bell. "