Civil Service Staff

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As outlined in Article IV of the Lafourche Parish Home Rule Charter, the Parish shall have a Civil Service System. It shall be the policy of the Parish to employ those persons best qualified to exercise the powers, functions and duties of the Parish and to foster effective career service in Parish employment. All employments, appointments and promotions in the service of the Parish and each of its departments shall be made on the basis of merit and fitness that shall be determined, insofar as practical, by competitive testing.

The Department of Civil Service shall consist of a Civil Service Board and a classified Civil Service Director. The head of the Department of Civil Service shall be the Board. The Director shall be appointed by the Board. The Director shall have the powers, functions, and responsibility for all phases in the administration of a centralized merit system of personnel administration in the employment service of the Parish, including: (a) develop and administer a position classification plan that shall provide for the classification of all positions on the basis of duties and responsibilities. The Director shall submit the classification plan to the Board for review and adoption; (b) develop and, upon adoption, administer an annual uniform plan of salary ranges for all persons in the Parish Civil Service System. The President shall review the plan and may amend it. Thereafter, the President shall include the plan in the annual operating budget for consideration by the Council; (c) prepare Civil Service rules to carry out the provisions of this Article. These rules shall be submitted to the Board which, after public hearing, shall make amendments as it deems necessary. These rules shall become effective upon approval by the Board, and shall have the full force of law and shall apply to all persons covered by this Article; (d) responsible for recruitment and examination of applicants for employment, service ratings, personnel records, reporting and transactions; (e) conduct new hires orientation; (f) prepare the annual budget for the Department and monitors that department responsibilities are performed within budget limitations; and (g) serve as Executive Secretary to the Civil Service Board in the performance of drafting meeting notices, agendas, public hearing notices, and minutes, and attend all Board meetings.



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