BRIDGE MAINTENANCE CONTINUES - Cut Off Bridge & T-Bois Lift Bridge


Bridge Closure Cut Off Bridge & T-Bois Lift Bridge


President Signs Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act


Entergy Construction in South Lafourche


Bridge Closure Wednesday, March 19


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Coastal Zone Management

Office Information

General Information

Purpose of Lafourche Parish Coastal Zone Management
As per the Lafourche Parish Code of Ordinances Section 19:401 A

  1. Recognize the value in natural coastal ecosystems.
    1. Protect, restore and enhance the coastal zone as a natural storm barrier, flood control system, and water infiltration system;
    2. Protect, restore and enhance the coastal zone as a habitat for wildlife, an aquatic resource, an aesthetic resource, a parish, state and national resource, and a historic cultural resource.
    3. Protect, restore and enhance the coastal zone as a legacy to future generations.
  2. Recognize the value in coastal-dependent commercial activity.
    1. Promote coordinated development within the coastal zone.
    2. Promote conflict resolution arising from multiple, competing uses.
    3. Promote recreational uses (respect private property) and monitor public access within the coastal zone.
  3. Balance these values in Lafourche Parish to allow current and future residents the opportunity to enjoy the multiple benefits and cultural values associated with a healthy coastal zone.
  4. Foster the public safety, health and welfare of Lafourche Parish residents.

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